The Foundation is proud to award the 2016 Charles M. Magistro Distinguished Service Award to Steven H. Tepper, PT, PhD.

This award, named for the first chair of the Foundation, is presented annually to individuals for outstanding service and steadfast commitment toward promoting the Foundation’s goals. Dr. Tepper has passionately advocated for and selflessly contributed to the Foundation for over 15 years. He was awarded a grant from the Foundation in 1987, and it was after receiving that early-career funding that he became committed to supporting the Foundation to help make funding opportunities available to other researchers. This is not Dr. Tepper’s first Foundation award; he previously received the first Innovation for Fundraising award in 2005 for his initiative and creativity in fundraising on behalf of the Foundation for traveling the country as a university instructor, giving monthly lectures where he encourages students to donate to the Foundation while personally matching their donations. To this day, Dr. Tepper strongly believes the simple concept of pay it forward should encourage donors to continue to support the Foundation.


Past Recipients:

2015 Robert C. Bartlett, PT, MA, FAPTA

2014 Alan M. Jette, PT, PhD, FAPTA

2013 Dan Riddle, PT, PhD, FAPTA

2012 Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA

2011 Richard K. Shields, PT, PhD, FAPTA

2010 Susan Deusinger, PT, PhD, FAPTA and Robert Deusinger, PT, PhD

2009 Stanley Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA

2008 Nancy White, PT, MS, OSC

2007 H. Philip Vierling

2006 Rebecca Craik, PT, PhD, FAPTA

2005 Florence P. Kendall, PT, FAPTA (D)

2004 Jayne L. Snyder, PT, DPT, MA (D)

2003 Mary Ellen Michel, PhD

2002 Duane Fast, VP, The Tri W-G Group

2001 William G. Boissonnault, PT, DPT, DHSc, FAPTA, FAAOMPT

2000 Linda L. Towne, PT, MEd and Peter A. Towne, PT

1999 Marilyn Moffat, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA

1998 None

1997 Lawrence G. Pan, PT, PhD and Patricia A. Traynor, PT

1996 Marilyn R. Gossman, PT, PhD, FAPTA (D) and Donald Lang

1995 None

1994 James B. McKillip, PT

1993 Susan Collopy, PT and Fran Kern, PT, PhD

1992 None

1991 John HP Maley (D)

(D) Deceased