This award is presented to individuals whose personal service and commitment as a trustee has helped develop and sustain activities that promote the funding of physical therapy research and education programs.

Past Award Recipients:

2015 William G. Boissonnault, Anthony Delitto

2014   None

2013   Charles T. Wetherington

2012 Patricia A. Traynor, Philip Vierling

The following recipients were recognized for past service in 2013:

2011    Connie Hauser, Marilyn Moffat

2010    Richard Clendaniel, Daniel Riddle, Richard Shields

2009    Babette Sanders

2008    Timothy Lyons

2007    Tom Campanaro, Nancy White

2006    Joanell Bohmert, Ben Massey

2005    Janet Bezner, John Maley (deceased), Francis Welk

2004    Rebecca Craik, Marilyn Gossman (deceased), Ruth Ann Roesch

2003    Jayne Snyder (deceased), John Wallace, Louise Yurko

2000    David Clifton, Oday Lavergne, Gary Leeds, Phyllis Lehman, Corrine Parver, John Whitman

1999    David W. Perry

1997    Merger of APTA and Foundation

1996    Richard Clark, Jay Goodfarb, Mary Foto, Richard Jensen

1995    no record

1994    Scot C. Irwin, Glory Sanders

1993    no record

1992    Jack Close, Robert Deusinger, Fran Kern, Marilyn Moffat

1991    John HP Maley

1990    George Miller and Steven Rose

1989    Robert Babbs, Bland Cannon, Bernard Eichler, Samuel Feitelberg, Florence Kendall, Charles Magistro, Michael Miller, Jacqueline Perry, Ann Walker, Nancy Watts, Jeanette Winfree, Steven Wolf, Lynda Woodruff, Don Wortley

1988    Bob Bartlett